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Stones are polished by repeated application of abrasive treatments. This technique produces a shiny surface, with almost zero porosity, while improving resistance. Polished finish highlights the color and properties of the natural stone. 




Honed stone surfaces sport a smooth looking surface with little or no shine. The look depends on the type of stone the finish has been applied to. So, a honed stone surface can sport matte appearance and can also give off a subtle sheen.



A leather finish is obtained by a process of brushing the slab with a range of brushes. The result is a slightly undulating surface, very soft, warm and smooth to the touch. Only a few materials are sourced with this finish such as granite.

Natural Stone and Quartz come in a wide range of surface finishes.

At Olympic Peninsula Stone we can hone or leather a polished surface.

Contact us for information on surface finishes.

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